Secret Admirer Goes All Out To Spoil Influencer Sarah Langa

Secret Admirer Goes All Out To Spoil Influencer Sarah Langa

Secret Admirer Goes All Out To Spoil Influencer Sarah Langa

The finer things in life seem to follow digital influencer, Sarah Langa. Yesterday, the beauty received a bouquet of followers with notes amounting to 12k folded inside. The girl has a secret admirer out there.

According to her post on social media, the drop is from a video-sharing appl that will be launching soon.

“A surprise drop is always welcome! I cannot wait to find out what #WongaVida is all about!!!! The big reveal is coming….

Even more exciting has to be that @Wongavida will be doing 90 days of giveaways from the 1st of September 2021! You get to win cash prizes as well as a brand new @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone! I cannot wait!” She posted.

The 28-year-old who recently got divorced has been on a journey of self-discovery.

When one of her followers asked her if she’s planning to get into a relationship soon, she responded that she is currently on a journey of healing. “Uhmm! Nooo… I’m currently on a journey of self-discovery and healing. My divorce really f**ked me up and broke me. I want to focus all of my attention on picking myself up again.”

Opening up about her past relationship on social media, Langa said that divorce is not easy, it is like losing a best friend.

“Divorce is not easy, it feels like losing a best friend, It’s like mourning a best friend’s death to you but also witnessing that same friend’s life through a window without you. The world punishes women for divorces and there’s still so much stigma attached to being a divorcee, you will lose all (of) your married friends, there’s this constant unwanted pity that follows you everywhere you go.

“The feeling of being alone sucks and not to mention the men that have been waiting on the sidelines for the opportunity to take advantage to prey on your vulnerability,” she posted.

She advised her followers to never stay in a toxic marriage and if they do decide to walk away they should do it privately.

“My advice is to never stay in a toxic marriage but when you walk away do it privately and secure your support structure to protect yourself from the above. Once you have dealt with the challenges and accepted the divorce open yourself up to your new amazing new life and leave the past behind.”

Langa has been linked to internationally renowned DJ, Black Coffee. The speculations have been going on for months with no confirmation from neither of the two. They have been spotted at the same locations with no confirmation from neither of the two. Black Coffee’s son has also posted her on his social media stories.

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