Second victim in AKA fatal shooting ‘Tibz’ was Tshepi Vundla’s ex – Our relationship was toxic

Second victim in AKA fatal shooting ‘Tibz’ was Tshepi Vundla’s ex – Our relationship was toxic

Second victim in AKA fatal shooting 'Tibz' was Tshepi Vundla's ex – Our relationship was toxic

The fatal shooting that claimed the life of celebrated rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes also claimed the life of AKA’s lifelong friend and celebrity author Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane.

Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane also dated Tshepi Vundla who recently celebrated her traditional wedding to IDOLS judge Thabo ‘ Jr’ Bogopa.

A few years ago, influencer, Tshepi revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend Tibz, after her social media followers kept probing. She finally spoke up and said the businessman was “physically abusive.”

This came after her Twitter follower Sfiso Mthethwa confessed to not standing up to his friend who had been abusive to his girlfriend. “His name is Tebello Eugene Motsoane aka Tibz,” she said naming him. Tibz later denied that he ever physically abused Tshepi but admitted to being emotionally and mentally manipulative.

“For years I was in a toxic and public relationship with Tshepi Vundla. In this relationship,” he said. “I realise that I was abusive, but never ever physically. Through my disrespect, I hurt her many times and that is emotional and mental abuse,” he added. “Because of the climate in the country, I didn’t want to do this and whether or not it makes me look weak, I’m ready to state that Tshepi Vundla used to physically abuse me. I’ve been slapped, scratched, pushed, sworn at and had my mother sworn at. Never have I retaliated,” he continued. “This has happened inside Cocoon, outside Taboo, at her mother’s house and in the parking lot at The Sands.

Witnesses have been my friends, her friends, her mother, her sister, her brother in-law, promoters, bouncers and strangers. Never have I hit her,” he adds. “To my knowledge, Tshepi has never said that I hit hit… but hasn’t corrected those who believe that I have. I have lost friends, income and respect… but I carried on with life. I am being honest about what I now know to be psychological abuse, however she was my physical abuse. I do not know if things like polygraph/lie-detector tests are even a real thing… but I will gladly take one. We all have our truth, this is mine.”

Motsoane was a lifelong friend of AKA, he is also one of the people that initially managed the rapper when he first broke into the entertainment industry.

Motsoane’s family is yet to release a statement.

Meanwhile, tributes have poured in for Motsoane on social media.

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