Scandal actress Pasi Koetle is tired of Men Who like to Gossip

Scandal actress Pasi Koetle is tired of Men Who like to Gossip

Television actress and social media influencer, Mapaseka ‘Pasi’ Koetle recently took to her Instagram to slam men who gossip. The Scandal star, who usually serves us with her spicy videos on Fridays couldn’t wait this time around. In a recent clip, Pasi expressed her frustration with those men who gossip.

The businesswoman revealed that there are levels to this gossiping thing. Firstly you get men who gossip and shun women because they got rejected. She couldn’t grasp the idea of a fully grown and developed man who just loves gossiping.

She then addressed those men who just love gossiping. These are the leaders in the group chats and always serve the scoop. They spend the whole day sticking their noses in people’s business. Pasi told them to get with the program and pick up a paintbrush or something. Just anything besides gossiping about other people.

Television star, Khaya Dlala took to the comment section to support Pasi’s statement about men being gossipers. “And people actually don’t know that men are the biggest gossipers.” Actress Samkelo Ndlovu expressed her love for Mapaseka, commenting. “Nothing can explain how much I love you.

Over the last few months, women in South Africa have been crying out against gender-based violence. It is a pandemic which affects almost all women in South Africa. Celebrities have been using their social media to create awareness around this, however, in most cases, they end up being misunderstood and their message gets taken out of context.

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