Sbahle Mpisane opens up on how she lost 40kgs

Sbahle Mpisane opens up on how she lost 40kgs

Sbahle Mpisane opens up on how she lost 40kgs

Sbahle Mpisane populary known as fitness “bunny” has opened up on how she lost 40kg.

Speaking on her wight loss journey, she said she achieved her goal through a Renewal Institute Diet (RID) weight loss programme.

Since September, Sbahle has been sharing her weight loss journey on her social media accounts, citing she “cried every day in disappointment” when she gained over 40kgs in 2019, following her devastating car accident in 2018.

“In it all I never stopped training; I ate well, remained hydrated and prayed to attain my set goals,” she wrote on Instagram.

Taking to her personal Instagram account, Sbahle recently shared that she has been following a couple of programmes to achieve the weight loss. However, her journey was not smooth sailing..

“I spoke openly about how I followed her first programme without cheating or attending gym, how the second programme played out when I officially started training [and] how the third programme affected my weight loss because I didn’t fully follow the programme’s meal plan and cheated several times,” Sbahle said.

“I’ve been on the @skinrenewalsa Renewal Institute Diet weight loss programme, shared my results, was applauded and received a lot of questions from potential clients to individuals with worries,” she shared on Instagram.

The RID programme is a cutting-edge weight and fat loss solution which includes a low GL eating programme. The eating plan is combined with supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections, to assist you with your weight loss journey.

Though the RID weight loss programme sparked worry with some, the fitness bunny cited she tried out the programme ample times in order to “speak out of experience” when questioned about the ups and downs of her journey.

“Out of worry many of you questioned side effects of the four week injection intake, asked if it affects your hormonal balance etc.

Many of my ladies were scared to join the programme in fear that the programme will flatten their booty and due to our different body shapes, some people only have fat worries on specific parts of their bodies, mainly the tummy,” she said.

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