Sayitsheni Simon Mdakhi Speaks Out On Untrue Bolt Driving Reports

Sayitsheni Simon Mdakhi Speaks Out On Untrue Bolt Driving Reports

Sayitsheni Simon Mdakhi Speaks Out On Untrue Bolt Driving Reports

The pandemic showed the cracks and issues of disparity in earnings for most of the creative industries in South Africa. More so, when it comes to freelance actors.

As such, when it was revealed that former Rhythm City actor, writer, and producer Siyatsheni Mdakhi had resorted to working for the e-hailing app Bolt. The matter was not frowned upon. This comes as online publication Zimoja shared:

Former Isibaya actor Sayitsheni Simon Mdakhi (43) has resorted to taking matters into his own hands by getting into the e-hailing business after the telenovela came to an end. He, like other actors, has had to find other streams of income.

A close friend tells ZiMoja, “There’s nothing wrong with driving Bolt or Uber. He is a father, he needs to make ends meet. Anyone can be a driver. You can finish your office job and drive after hours until midnight, sleep, and go to work,” he says.

However, it seems that Siyatsheni is not interested in paddling this false narrative, as he took to social media to assert his actual reality.

“Only issue I have… is that it misinformed” – Siyatsheni Mdakhi

Initially taking to his Instagram to address the matter of his decision to go on to Bolt to make ends meet during the pandemic. Siyatsheni Mdakhi initially seemed to find the article funny. As such, he joked the former Uzalo head writer Chris Q was behind creating this false story.

However, it seemed that the story had grown its own legs. More especially on Twitter, Mdakhi took to his timeline to reiterate that the article was completely “uninformed.” All the while, he seemed to want to make clear that he does not regard Bolt’s drivers as less than.

Speaking about his role in the upcoming Showmax original film, Mkhonto. The premise and leads of the film were previously reported as:

Dumisani Dlamini is gearing up for his upcoming leading role in the upcoming Showmax original film titled Mkhonto. The premise of the film is shared in the official statement which explains:

Mkhonto, premiering on Showmax tomorrow, Friday, 26 May 2023, (will see) Dumisani stars as Chief Siviko ka Vaka, ruler of the fictional and mystical kingdom of Eziqwaqweni.

The tyrant is threatened by Celani, (who is played by young and talented actor Bahle Hadebe from Black Tax… and young Shaka in the upcoming Shaka: King of the Zulu Nation), a herder boy possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century king, who is determined to reform his once-great kingdom and right the wrongs of Chief Siviko.


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