Sangoma Gogo Maweni shares how she kept husband of 5 years

Sangoma Gogo Maweni shares how she kept husband of 5 years

Sangoma Gogo Maweni shares how she kept husband of 5 years

Sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni recently revealed on her Instagram story how she’s kept her husband Sabelo Mgube happy for the past five years. The popular sangoma Gogo Maweni, real name Lee Ann Makopo shared that she’s never used muti on her husband Sabelo Mgube of five years. She added on Instagram Live with her friend that her husband is in love with her and she loves herself too much to ever use muti on a man.

“I don’t believe in using muti on a man. If you use muti on a man it means that you don’t love yourself. I love myself. This is after she revealed in a previous Instagram story that she will turn her husband Sabelo Mgube into umkhovu (tokoloshe) should he die first.

The reality TV star added in a previous story that she and her husband have a contract that states he will be turned into a tokoloshe if he dies first and that she will be turned into a umkhovhu (tokoloshe) if she dies first.

She said: “We cannot let our children suffer because one of us died. We have to return to the living. The popular sangoma’s husband Sabelo Mgube previously shared on his Instagram story that he knows he’s been bewitched.

“One thing for sure, mina ngidlisiwe, I can feel it”, wrote Mguni on his Instagram story.

Her current statement contradicts her revelation in a 2022 interview with Podcast and Chill with MacG where she revealed she bewitched her baby daddy SK Khoza, who played Shaka Khoza in The Queen.

The Sangoma also admitted on Gigi Lamayne’s podcast Point of View that she used ‘muthi’ to end her ex-boyfriend Thabo Rakhale’s soccer career at Orlando Pirates.

Iharare revealed that after Gogo Maweni used traditional medicine on Thabo, the footballer struggled to make the Pirates’ starting XI as he was constantly confined to the bench.

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