Sangoma Gogo Manzini – Mzansi Celebs will continue to die like flies

Sangoma Gogo Manzini – Mzansi Celebs will continue to die like flies

Sangoma Gogo Manzini – Mzansi Celebs will continue to die like flies

Sangoma Tyra “Gogo Manzini” Sindane from Secunda in Mpumalanga has called upon South African artists to use muthi to protect themselves from being shot at.

This comes after Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was shot and killed on Florida Road, Durban, on Friday, 10 February. The likes of DJ Citi Lyts, Vusi Ma R5 and DJ Sumbody have also been gunned down.

Gogo Manzini said that more artists will be murdered if they do not protect themselves. “The entertainment industry is at war with itself. If artists are not careful, they will continue to die like flies. They must use muthi to protect themselves because the enemy is upon them. The entertainment industry is now full of people who are thirsty for blood.

“The industry is no longer entertaining but has turned cruel and evil. Artists are back-stabbing and plotting against each other,” said Gogo Manzini.

“I have been observing and studying this industry for some time and my finding is that many artists will lose their lives because of jealousy,” she said.

For this reason she said artists must use muthi to protect themselves.

“I am urging artists to start consulting their traditional healers and start protecting themselves. There is a specific muthi that they can use to stop the bullet from hitting them. The muthi works as a bulletproof and if mixed properly, a bullet will miss the target or the gun will simply stop working,” she said.

Maskandi artist Skweletu Chiliza said: “I agree with her and I am aware of such muthi and I can confirm it works. A sangoma would actually cut open tiny incisions and put some muthi inside the incisions. When a shot is fired the muthi will block the bullet. I believe that some artists are already doing that but they cannot go public about it.”

Hip-hop artist Duncan Mbambo said: “I’ve never heard of such muthi and I’d never use it because I am a Christian and I don’t use muthi. I simply pray.”

But the chairman of the KZN Traditional Healers Association, Thandonjani Hlongwane, said: “I can confirm that people choose to use this muthi but it is risky. If your ancestors want you dead that muthi will not work and if they need you alive the muthi will work. So there’s no guarantee that it works.”

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