SA rapper stabbed to death in Durban

SA rapper stabbed to death in Durban

SA rapper stabbed to death in Durban

Lakhe “ThisGuy ThatGuy” Somdaka died on Saturday, April 8, after being stabbed in Durban.

Former OneMic 2018 contestant blossomed into the scene after the rollout of the SABC 1 music show.

Also known as The Schizophrenic Prince of Rap, ‘ThisGuy ThatGuy’ can be remembered for his tracks such as ‘Gege-Legege’, ‘With The Squaa’, ‘I’ll always have me’ and ‘SELF’ to name a few.

Slikour confirmed the heartbreaking news which has people worried due to the insecurity of SA musicians.

In February, Kiernan AKA Forbes was shot and killed in Durban; Vusi Ma R5, DJ Sumbody, and many others were killed.

Bongani Fassie escaped death after an unknown man tried stabbing him in the chest.

“I don’t know who the man is. I just saw him come at me with a panga. I was driving with a friend with my window down.”

“The guy was aiming for my chest but I grabbed him, tried to disarm him and he butchered my arm,” he adds. “He cut one of my major arteries, but I continued to fight.”

“Of course, someone wants me dead. I first received a message saying, it should have been me who died instead of AKA.”

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