Rouge the rapper lucky to be alive

Rouge the rapper lucky to be alive

Rouge the rapper lucky to be alive

South African rapper, Rouge takes fans back memory lane, on how she escaped death four years ago, because of pimples. The star shared a photo of her face back then, revealing how reddish and swollen it was.

She also used the medium to advice people not to pop pimples located at some places on the skin, as it’s detrimental.

“Gross PIC alert lol. When I literally almost died cause of a PIMPLE 4 years ago… God I’ve come Long way… FYI DONT POP PIMPLES IN THE V ZONE ON YOUR FACE TO AVOID MENINGITIS,” she captioned post.

Celebs and fans took to the comment section to share their experiences and express shock at the news.

Comments be like:

“Damn fam that’s hectic I had no idea, it can get that bad.”

“This happened to me to I put cold water on for head because pimple got bigger, I went to hospital and they put me on drip to take out puss because it made it spread, I was 15, like 14 years ago lol.”

Without reading the caption of the photo shared, some followers assumed she suffered abuse from a second party.

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