Rosa reveals shrine in Jamie Bartlett’s honour

Rosa reveals shrine in Jamie Bartlett’s honour

Rosa reveals shrine in Jamie Bartlett’s honour

Legendary Rhythm City actor Jamie Bartlett‘s untimely death has left a gaping hole in the hearts of his loved ones.

Jamie died on 23 May after suffering a cardiac arrest, was laid to rest in a private funeral service at rest in a private funeral at St George’s Cathedral, in Cape Town, on 2 June.

His life and the impact he made on the acting fraternity was also celebrated with a public memorial service at Zone 6 Venue in Soweto on 6 June.

However, Jamie’s loved ones will be picking up the pieces of his death for a long time to come.

The actor’s life partner and manager, Rosa, who he was living with at the time of his death, shared touching images of a shrine she’s set up in his honour. The shrine includes a personalized candle with their picture on it and a frame containing some of Bartlett’s pictures.

At the memorial service earlier this week, Rosa struggled to fight back tears as she poured her heart out about the love they shared.

She said: “I will never forget the day I met Jamie, it still feels like yesterday. I usually don’t go to a guy’s house on the first date but he managed to convince me to come to his house for a date. I remember getting there and he was waiting in the middle of the road for my car, when my car stopped, he opened the door and held my hand. In that moment I knew I had found the one…I had found love.”

Rosa added that even though Jamie’s death has left her heartbroken, she was trying to understand “God’s plan”.

“I’m angry, I’m sad, but I’m trying to understand there’s a purpose for him wherever he is. A part of the house still smells like him and its difficult. I remember that morning Jamie passed, he told me he loved me and that he could never imagine life without me.”

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