RHOD star Mabusi Seme opens up on her wealthy, love life & friendship with Nonku

RHOD star Mabusi Seme opens up on her wealthy, love life & friendship with Nonku

RHOD star Mabusi Seme opens up on her wealthy, love life & friendship with Nonku

South African reality show star Mabusi Seme has been in the TV industry for over two years now, and she has managed to solidify herself as one Mzansi’s favourite reality show stars.

Mabusi rose to fame after she appeared in the first season of The Real Housewives of Durban, and she won the hearts of many people with her authenticity.

Avid viewers of the show cannot get enough of her and Twitter users said she should be cast as one of the housewives because her appearances leave viewers in awe.

The reality show star has opened up about her failed friendship with Nonku Williams. In a sit-down interview with influencer and Youtuber Lungelo KM on Engineer Your Life, a YouTube platform for celebrity interviews, Mabusi spoke candidly about her personal life, how she became wealthy, her love life, and her friendship with Nonku.

Mabusi was introduced to viewers as Nonku’s friend in the first season of the show, but it seems they ended up having a falling out, and Nonku distanced herself from her.

Although she had always wanted to be friends with Nonku, things did not turn out as she had hoped.

“I’ve always been open to a friendship with Nonku, it’s unfortunate it turned out the way that it did. Hence I became friends with LaConco because she accepted me as I am and for who I am. I don’t have to be at a certain level of life to be someone’s friend or for a person to appreciate me.

So LaConco and I have such a lovely friendship. I’m not her (Nonku’s) friend any more and I’m also not trying to be her friend.” she said. Asked how she ended up on Real Housewives of Durban by Lungelo KM, Mabusi said she received an Instagram direct message by one of the show producers which she ignored, and then her friend Sithelo Shozi who had also been approached by the production and refused, told her to respond to the DM and the rest is history.

“I was approached to be a housewife, but I refused as I thought I didn’t have enough content for that so they allocated me to be Nonku’s friend.” Mabusi also says she is no longer Nonku’s friend as she found undertones of classism in how she was treated but instead is great friends with Laconco who accepted her for who she is.

Moreover, Mabusi revealed that her boyfriend lives in Nigeria, and she is looking forward to living with him in Durban.

Mabusi and LaConco’s friendship continues to steal the hearts of many people. LaConco who is former Jacob Zuma’s ex-fiancée was recently dragged for not opening up about who her mysterious man Petal is.

During the second season of the show she was slammed for allegedly claiming that Petal was wealthy and he had a yacht.

Mabusi has defended her saying a relationship does not make a person. “Relationships don’t make you, don’t define you, so I don’t know why it matters or has to do with anything. It’s her life, and she opens up when she’s comfortable,” Seme said.

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