Relationship between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi

Relationship between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi

Relationship between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi

For the longest time, Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi used to be really good friends. Their friendship grew over time as the two spent time on the set of Idols SA where they were both judges.

But after years of serving us bestie goals, Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi ended their friendship and it appears that the two former friends no longer see each other eye to eye.

So what really happened between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi’s friendship and will the two ever get along again? Here are all the juicy details about everything that happened between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi.

In August 2021, Somizi Mhlongo’s marriage to Mohale Motaung came to an end after an audio tape of Mohale opening up about how Somizi had physically and psychologically abused him leaked.

Following the abuse allegations, Unathi Nkayi canceled Somizi and unfriended him on social media. She was one of the friends that Somizi Mhlongo lost following the abuse allegations. It became public that the two were not friends anymore a couple of months later when American RnB musician- R. Kelly was convicted of sex crimes against minors. Taking to Instagram, to celebrate the judgment, the former Kaya FM presenter asked everyone to stop listening to his music.

“To ALL my friends who think you’re going to CONTINUE playing R Kelly in my presence. TODAY IT STOPS. No more philosophical B*LL SHIT about you separating the genius from the MONSTER. It STOPS TODAY HMKAY…unless you LOVE being a trigger,” read her post.

Not all her fans were impressed by Unathi Nkayi’s post and some did not hesitate from calling her out for being “hypocritical” given that she was friends with Somizi, Jub Jub who had been accused by Amanda du-Pont and Kelly Khumalo of assault, as well as DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik who had also been implicated in a rape case.

Responding to the hypocritical claims, Unathi Nkayi denied being friends with any of them thus confirming that her friendship with Somizi was indeed over.

Relationship between Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi

During an episode of his reality show Living The Dream With Somizi, Somgaga’s friend Vusi Nova introduced the subject of his friendship status with Unathi Nkayi.

Somizi responded that he was disappointed with her and that he never wanted to speak with her again and that she should not even look at him. He further explained that since the two worked in the same industry, he couldn’t avoid her but he was going to be professional.

After Idols SA was renewed for the 18th season, Unathi Nkayi’s contract as a judge on the show was not renewed, she had been in the singing competition for 10 years.

In the season finale of his reality show, Somizi’s friend jokingly asked why he had fired the others (this was in reference to Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams whose contracts as Idols judges had not been renewed). Somizi denied having anything to do with it and simply said that his mother had taken care of things for him. It appears that things between Somizi and Unathi Nkayi are irreparable but as we all know, the entertainment industry is very unpredictable and we won’t be surprised if the two make amends.

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