Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs For The Summer , You Can Get Perfect Look

Stars and Stripes Nail Decals

Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs If you’re already intimidated by the idea of painting your own stars and stripes, try these foolproof decals.

Simply paint your base, stick ’em on, and show off your patriotic tips!

Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs Glitzy Details

The additional glitter, the better … that is America’s shibboleth, isn’t it?

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Glitter Gradient

No sponges necessary. atiny low detail brush provides these Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs nails a seamless red, white, and silver gradient.

Captain America

Although Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs manicure was galvanized by Captain America, we tend to prefer to assume he’d be okay with carrying it on America’s birthday.

Patriotic Polka Dots

Three differing kinds of dots — little, medium, and enormous — offer these festal nails triple the depth (and triple the color!).

Woven Together

Show your country pride by rocking these red-and-blue wovenRed, White, and Blue Nail Designs nails. it’s going to be a bit long, however it’s very worthwhile.

Flag Refresh

A waving flag may be a image of America, thus why not wear it with pride?

Tie-Dye Magic

Let’s be real: Red, white, and blue tie-dye may well be the foremost yankee issue ever.

Glitter Lines

Separate red and blue glitter with a strategically-placed piece of tape .

however here’s the tough part: sit up for the nail varnish to dry (seriously, wait) before applying the tape and sparkles.

Multicolored Momentum

Why decide one style after you will do five? sing their own praises all of your favorite red, white, and blue appearance on every hand with this amazingly easy tutorial.

Scarlet Curves

If you like red however are not quite positive if blue is your color, want this super straightforward, stylish double curve style.

All Striped Out

Take your 0.5 moon mani to subsequent level by creating its base color associate degree actual design: red and silver stripes!

Speed Demon

How cute is that this Herbie-inspired nail art? it is the excellent national holiday search for the vintage lover in you.

Delicate Dots

If you own something figure that matches for the fourth of July, this had higher be your nail look.

So cute, so bubbly, and then vintage.

Pretty Picnic

What’s additional yank than a giant burger and blue jeans to travel together with your stars ‘n stripes? That accent nail appearance adequate to eat!

Cloudy With a Chance

Start with a nude base for this manicure for a a lot of coy vibration — then combine in America’s favorite hues for a splash of nationalism.

Stars and Stripes

Put your accent nail in a very new spot by sound a heart on your little finger to indicate simply what quantity you’re keen on your country.

Stenciled Stars

Blue-to-red ombré nails formed into stars square measure primarily legal holiday during a shell.

A Little Dotty

Blogger Katy Parsons created these red, white and blue banner nails for Divine King of England, impressed by picnic tables and sparkly lights at summer barbecues.

Waves for America

Are the waves dripping up or square measure the stripes dripping down? Whichever means you check out it, these wavy red, white, and blue nails square measure seriously spectacular.

Fire Cracker Tips

Take a touch from those legal holiday fireworks and make a mini glitter explosion at your fingertips.