Reasons why cccc’s suspects’ court appearance is a cover-up

Reasons why Senzo Meyiwa’s suspects’ court appearance is a cover-up

Reasons why cccc’s suspects’ court appearance is a cover-up

Five suspects appeared in court today with connection to the murder of former Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa. South Africans and other media outlets suspect there could be a major cover-up at play, given the case has taken over 6 years for suspects to appear before a court.

Here are eight pointers that suggest there could be a cover-up.

Senzo was shot in the presence of Kelly and Zandi Khumalo, their mother Ntombi Khumalo, Twala, Meyiwa’s friends Mthokozisi Thwala and Tumelo Madlala, and Kelly’s then 4-year-old son, Christian, and Thingo, Kelly’s daughter.

All the above-mentioned witnesses to the murder were not arrested and they did not appear in court today.

The police lied about the arresting suspects yesterday

The police said some of the suspects were arrested yesterday, but it turned out some had already been in jail before they were charged and some were arrested in June, and another in August.

The other one says he’s already sentenced and was charged in June and it’s surprising he is here today.

One of the suspects isn’t applying for bail

One of the suspects believes he is innocent and sees no need for applying for bail. It’s very rare for a suspect in the

Suspects spoke about a cover-up

One of the suspects revealed that they are surprised to be appearing in court on the case as he does not have anything to do with the case.

Kelly Khumalo’s name was mentioned by mistake

The NPA released an internal document bearing Kelly Khumalo’s name to the media by mistake. Khumalo is implicated in the murder, but she has not been arrested and she was not in court.

Kelly Khumalo’s phone records indicate she has been in contact with one of the suspects.

The City of Erkhuruleni transported the suspects to the court, not SAPS

Ordinarily, prisoners attending court sessions are transported by SAP, but this was not the case today. The reasons for the change was not explained.

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