Real reason why Shona Ferguson’s death feels so personal

Real reason why Shona Ferguson’s death feels so personal

Real reason why Shona Ferguson’s death feels so personal

As the Fergusons laid to rest their beloved patriarch Shona Ferguson this week, those he touched mostly want him to be remembered for lasting impact he will have on the TV and film industry.

The 47-year-old filmmaker’s untimely passing on 31 July due to Covid-19 complications is still being felt in many sectors of society.

Connie Ferguson said the biggest legacy her husband would leave would be Ferguson Films, which they created in 2010. The film and TV production company helped shaped and grow what local content is today.

“Ferguson Films is his legacy, and it will continue to grow stronger,” she said during his memorial. Shona’s love for his family was also mentioned frequently, with people saying they aspired to be like him because of how much love he gave them.

His brother, Dominque, said: “You are the blueprint, a giant.”

Shona’s passion for creating new series and expanding South Africa’s productions was likened to what American Tyler Perry did for black films in Hollywood. From Rockville, The Queen, The Herd, and Kings of Joburg – all award-winning shows that have started many careers and brought in new faces.

But fans want Shona to be remembered for who he is.

Rockville actor Mabalane said whilst filming the last season of the show she told Shona that “he wears God so well”.

The biggest lesson she learnt from the Fergusons was that it was never about them as actors.

“The industry, the fame, the platform, was never about us, it is what God does in and through us… To look at Mr Sho’s life, look at what the Lord has done. He opened up himself to be used by God, to me that is power.”

Connie said during the funeral: “My husband loved hard and most importantly loved the Lord hard, unashamedly.”

The actress says she was lucky to experience a “once in a lifetime” kind of love with Shona. She says she has to find it in herself to continue.

“Our love does not die, you continue on in my heart, in my children’s heart. Thank you, Shonie for everything.”

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