Rapper K.O breaks silence over allegations he killed AKA as he is banned from setting foot in Durban

Rapper K.O breaks silence over allegations he killed AKA as he is banned from setting foot in Durban

Rapper K.O breaks silence over allegations he killed AKA as he is banned from setting foot in Durban

Award-winning rapper K.O has broken his silence over allegations that he was implicated in the assassination of his fellow musician, hip hop artist AKA.

K.O, born Ntokozo Mdluli, said he did not kill AKA and was not involved in the plot to assassinate the internationally renowned mega star.

The artist, whose song SETE is dominating the airwaves, also said he feared for his life after receiving death threats from unknown people who promised to take him out to avenge AKA’S death.

K.O revealed the startling details in an urgent interdict he obtained against controversial artist manager, Nota Baloyi, in the Joburg High Court last week.

AKA, christened Kiernan Forbes, was shot and killed mafia-style outside Wish restaurant in Durban, Kwazulu-natal, in what appears to have been a contract killing on February 10.

In the papers, K.O said Baloyi took to social media on February 10 after AKA’S death and accused him and his family of being behind the recording of the superstar’s murder, which sent shockwaves across the globe. He said Baloyi said his brother, Siya Mdluli, who was employed by AKA as his road manager, was there when the artist was fatally shot by unknown hoodlums who connived with him.

Because of that, Baloyi thought they were implicated in AKA’S murder.

“I told you who my first five suspects are, in fact my first six suspects. My other suspect is K.O because K.O has not answered for why his brother watched AKA die.

“Siya said K.O’S brother, blood brother, Mdluli K.O, sent his brother to set AKA up. You understand. Don’t let the families of K.O, Siya and everything get away with this,” reads Baloyi’s post, whose copies are attached to the papers.

K.O said the allegations against him by Baloyi were false and without merit. “I was not in any manner involved in the death of Mr Forbes, I was not in the same province as Mr Forbes, let alone aware of his whereabouts on the night of his murder,” read the papers.

He said Baloyi’s reckless statements put his and his family’s lives in danger as he was receiving death threats

I am receiving death threats as a result of the allegations from people who said he must not set foot in Durban. “In addition to the afore said, I’m now receiving threats against my life as a result of the allegations levelled against me by the respondent.

In this regard on 16 February 2023, I received a message directed to my Instagram account from handle@-yrn_ jordan, who is unknown to me which records as follows: ‘Tell you (sic) brother don’t go close to Durban you also not allowed in Durban, 031 we stand on that’.”

K.O said Baloyi’s allegations did not only put his life at risk but would also scupper the marketing and promotion of his forthcoming album, which he intends to release this year.

The Skanda Love hitmaker said Baloyi had ignored several letters of demand from his lawyers to cease and desist from disseminating false statements against him.

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