Rapper Gigi Lamayne turns Inno Morolong drama into a song

Rapper Gigi Lamayne turns Inno Morolong drama into a song

Rapper Gigi Lamayne turns Inno Morolong drama into a song

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has released a track titled All Shades in the midst of all the cyberbullying she endured from Inno Morolong.

The two were involved in an online spat where Inno made several allegations against Gigi. They later went to host a live Instagram video where they forgave each other. Only for Gigi to tweet and say the case was back on.

Speaking to a local publication she said the reason behind the song was to close the chapter in public, because she didn’t want it to become a public spectacle.

The rapper has confirmed that she has opened a case at the Midrand police station. Her intentions to take legal recourse still stand with charges of intimidation, blackmail, threats to cause grievous bodily harm (in terms of the cyber law act) added to the initial defamation charge she had made earlier last week.

“The inspiration behind the song was obviously the cyber bullying that I was subjected to. I mean music is my therapy, it’s my everything and I was in a space where I really didn’t wanna talk to anyone, and I wanted a safe space, and that’s exactly what it was.

“As much as the suspect in question I forgave, I’m still taking legal action against her, a case has already been opened at the Midrand police station, my lawyers are now in talks with her, and she is kind of dodging us right now but eventually you can’t run away from the law forever.”

Provincial police spokesperson Capt Kay Makhubele confirmed with a local publication that a case has been opened but they are still searching for the suspect.

Gigi also cleared the air about why she said the video in which she seemed friendly with Inno was staged. She said she was blackmailed by Inno.

“I was blackmailed to go to that popcorn room live thing, but I also thought to myself, let me go to see where she lives, so I can tell the police when the time comes. So now people think I’m a clown, but look now with her dodging us at least we know where one of her people live. It was a sacrifice for the case.”

Even though Inno cyberbullied her and allegedly blackmailed her, Gigi said she doesn’t wish for people to bully Inno.

“I’m in a state where I’ve forgiven her as a woman and she is going to be held accountable but I just don’t want it to become a public spectacle because she’s been receiving death threats, so for me I don’t want her to feel like I’m inciting violence, and I now she has genuinely received a lot of threats and insults. As somebody who is spiritually gifted I don’t condone any of that.

“I know what I’ve been through and I just don’t want to be part of her demise because she already was her demise. As somebody who maybe hopes to be in the entertainment industry, the industry doesn’t take these things lightly and people are never going to forget. As much as I’ve forgiven her as a human being I am still taking legal action and I’m coming with everything I have because I feel that maybe this is part and parcel of the corrective justice that she needs.”

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