Rapper AKA Attacked For His ‘COVID-19’ Tweets

Rapper AKA Attacked For His ‘COVID-19’ Tweets

Rapper AKA has landed himself in hot water yesterday following his controversial tweets which saw him questioning the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is transmitted. His tweets prompted very sarcastic and degrading responses from many people, with some saying he should just stick to rapping.

Everybody seems to have their own opinions and thoughts about the virus especially now that that the second wave is well underway and the conversation about the vaccine being one of the most talked about.

Whilst many share the same sentiments as AKA, many feel as though his public figure image and his following does not allow him to have such opinions because he, as the Super Mega has a lot of influence.

The Bhovamania rapper started by questioning the spread of the virus and whether it is possible that an asymptomatic person can spread the virus unknowingly.

“Where is the PROOF that someone can infect another person with a deadly virus Microbe without showing ANY symptoms of the virus that they are carrying? Does that even make sense? How does that even sound logical?”

“Also … can you get COVID TWICE??? Some say yes some say no. What is the DEFINITIVE answer? If the answer is no … do I still need to be vaccinated?? Confusion,”

After facing so much backlash the entire day, he defended his opinions by saying he too contracted the virus so he is not dismissing the effect it has, “The COVID Symptoms I had was probably the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life. No lie. So it’s not like I’m saying it’s not out there and we shouldn’t be safe but there’s a lot of confusion around a lot of things regarding this pandemic.”

Many people were up in arms following his tweets; Koshiek Karan wrote “Wait until you find out 5G causes Coronavirus, 2Pac lives in Hillbrow, vaccines have 3% Cruz vodka, 4 in 10 cats drive taxis & Takalani Sesame is funded by the Taliban. Stay woke!”

“Come on, man. People can infect others with HIV without showing ANY symptoms. Ditto chicken pox, measles, etc. Using your enormous account to spread misinformation about a topic you clearly don’t understand is so irresponsible. You should delete and apologize,” wrote Alastair McAlpine.

Super Mega was not feeling the backlash he received and told people he too should have an opinion and should not monitor how people use social media.

“The moment we start monitoring EACH OTHER and telling EACH OTHER who can and who can’t talk about a particular subject, is when we start putting sheep & mob mentality over free thinking and the right to find one’s own answers.”

“The powers that be don’t need to censor people from discussions around COVID, the people already censor each other.”

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