Isono actress Rami Chuene Slams The #Over40Challenge

Isono actress Rami Chuene Slams The #Over40Challenge

Isono actress Rami Chuene Slams The #Over40Challenge

Isono entertainer and previous The Queen entertainer, Rami Chuene or TGOM, as she is lovingly known in media outlets has uncovered that she actually has 11years to go before she can take an interest in the #over40challenge which has overwhelmed online media.

The media character amusingly tweeted: “I so need to take an interest in this #over40challenge however being 29 and all methods I need to stand by a decent eleven years.”

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“I thought you are 25. Le rata bogolo mara Rami.”

“No surge little sister… You can’t partake for a decent 9 years after I do… Please show restraint… Your chance at the hash label will show up at last.”

“Is it accurate to say that you are truly 29? Nna kere o thaka yak otherwise known as 32.”

“Consistency mamzo, half a month back you told a youngster here that lena le bo mma and you don’t play with kids.”

“Age ain’t only a number, don’t let being 29 keep ya away from significance. Do the things.”

“Bashape ka #under30challenge once.”

The 46 year old disputable entertainer and mother of three who is known for expressing her genuine thoughts was clearly taking a hit at the #over40challenge and fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to cooperate with her.

The entertainer’s takeoff from The Queen is still continually discussed as fans were confident she’d get back to the show when her on-screen girl, Goodness Mabuza returned before Christmas a year ago.

Despite the fact that aficionados of the veteran entertainer were charmed when she got back to screens in another part on BET Africa’s Isono, they actually need her to return as TGOM was a fan-top choice.

Isono recounts the tale of a useless family and a courageous child who look inside himself for the solidarity to face his detestable mother (Nthati Moshesh) who will persevere relentlessly to serve her own need.

At the point when gotten some information about her job on Isono, the entertainer said:

“I jabber, however prepare to have your mind blown. She scarcely says 10 words. In any event, when she is tattling, it is negligible. She motions. It was very fascinating for me to hop in and be Jumima, who doesn’t talk however much my different characters did or even however much I talk.”

“I understood that possibly these individuals really have a ton going on in their mind but since of the free screw they can’t associate one and two, so they can’t communicate completely.

Watch Rami as Jumima on Isono BET_Africa non-weekend days at 21:30.

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