Prince Kaybee injured after fighting robber inside his house

Prince Kaybee injured after fighting robber inside his house

Prince Kaybee injured after fighting robber inside his house

Just hours before his gig at club Ayepyep in Cape Town, Prince Kaybee had hurt his wrist. This was due to the DJ fighting off a burglar who had invaded his residence last night.

The incident Lead the DJ to caution others, “A thug succeeded in getting inside my residence around 11PM yesterday night, not sure how he got in but the hood in me had a bit of fun with him till help came. Despite my injured wrist I’m good and heading to Capetown Ayepyep tonight. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.”

Despite the many comments encouraging him to shoot should another burglar attempt to break in, some applauded the DJ for not using his gun. “I’m glad you didn’t shoot big bro you know the law in this country otherwise all the best for your Cape Town Trip much love,” said a fan who commended him for not opening fire. Kaybee responded by saying he probably would have landed in jail if he did.

It seems the DJ could not make the funeral of young Lufuno Mavhunga in Venda yesterday and it could have been schedule issues. He wanted to attend the funeral but he could not. “I would like to attend her funeral, if anyone knows the details, please help,” he wrote.

When the country learned about her story he said, “May her soul rest in peace. I honestly don’t have words for this, the trauma in her eyes is so loud.” He then slammed those who were cheering the bully on, “But some of them were clapping when she was being slapped like an animal. Sad how her death prompted this, sies.”

Mzansi continued to mourn young Lufuno:

Makhadzi even dedicated a song to young Lufuno called “Muvhili Wanga” and she features Prince Benza. Mzansi was caught in their feels:

“Makhadzi said she wrote muvhili wanga earlier this year because of the treatment she gets on social media. We’ve been screaming that Lufuno’s bullies must be killed, atleast those ones are children, Makhadzi’s bullies have 32 teeth, 3 children, a wife and 2 side ni***hs.”

“Makhadzi’s song reminds me of a lot of things that killed my confidence as a kid growing up. Emotional bullying has long term effects on the behavior of people too. Till this day I’m grown and still have insecurities. This issue needs to be taken seriously.

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