Prince Kaybee in tears as fan give thanks for helping him graduate

Prince Kaybee in tears as fan give thanks for helping him graduate

Prince Kaybee in tears as fan give thanks for helping him graduate

Whenever the talented Prince Kaybee trends 90% of the time it is for negative reasons. For the whole of 2020 and some of the past years, Prince has been embroiled in beefs and scandals that has tainted his name. However thanks to his strong following, he still reigns supreme and we have his talent and good nature to thank for that.

The Gugulethu hitmaker has cemented his name as one of the greatest entertainers in the country. With that comes a lot of hate from people and some of his industry mates.

We have come to learn that Prince Kaybee has his very own philanthropic ways which he chooses to do on the down low. What sparked this was a tweet from a follower who revealed that the DJ has started his own orphanage and helps the needy during difficult times, such as a pandemic. He also sends kids to school, and how can we forget about the work he does for upcoming artists who don’t have a cent in their pockets but have the talent.

“@PrinceKaybee_SA has an orphanage, sent food to the needy during the hard days of the pandemic. Sending people to school, uplifting musicians more and more every day myself included! And yet he doesn’t rub it in our faces! God bless you,” @Andiswa_live tweeted.

Talking about his very own testimony, another fan wrote about how he was mocked for only having one pair of sneakers but Prince came to his rescue and bought him 3, “God bless him indeed… last year I complained about some sneakers… we went on to buy me 3 pairs while people were trolling me.”

Another brought our Prince to tears when he thanked him for his help during his matric year by buying him an outfit for his dance as well as helping with his travelling expenses to register for university.

“Do you remember when you sent me money to come to JHB from Limpopo Phalaborwa? ( also bought me my matric dance outfit ) ?? ( it was through your amazing manager Bangi ). Yeah , I passed & this year I will be studying I’m temporary registered, just want to say thank you.” Prince was in awe and was brought to tears.

Adding to that, another grateful fan promised to tell his tale about how the Wajelwa hitmaker helped him, but Prince said he should keep the story to himself because people only focus on the negativity. “Don’t tell them, they don’t care. Let’s focus on the album.”

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