Pregnant Roodepoort woman who contracted Covid-19 is now negative

Pregnant Roodepoort woman who contracted Covid-19 is now negative

A 30-year-old pregnant woman from Roodepoort in Gauteng who contracted Covid-19 has now recovered and is negative.

After staying in self-isolation for the prescribed 14 days, Morgan Brink retested for the virus last Thursday.

“I am negative,” an elated Brink told TimesLIVE. She was upbeat and active on Tuesday.

“I am much, much better! I do have bit of a slight cough. If I do a little bit too much or even if I laugh too much, it does come back. That is the only symptom that I still have. They do say that the cough could last up to six weeks but otherwise I feel 100%,” she said.

Brink discovered that she had the virus on April 1, days after returning from a cruise on the MSC Orchestra.

She and 10 other family members, including her husband and three-year-old son, had boarded the cruise ship on March 16 and returned four days later.

“I started with a slight cough on March 19 on the ship, but I thought it was the aircon. When we got back, my son got tonsillitis and we took him to the doctor. The doctor decided to test both of us just to be sure since we were on the cruise ship and did not want to risk anything,” she said.

“We both did the test and his was negative but I came back positive.”

Relatives tested negative. She and another person who was aboard the ship tested positive for the virus.

Brink, now 22 weeks pregnant, believes the pregnancy was unaffected by the virus. The baby is active and she has all the expected pregnancy symptoms.

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