Praises pour in for Uncle Waffles following her Coachella set

Praises pour in for Uncle Waffles following her Coachella set

Praises pour in for Uncle Waffles following her Coachella set

Uncle Waffles is the Amapiano sensation who got her big break from a viral video back in October 2021. Since then she has worked her brand and DJing skills to become one of the most booked and busy Amapiano exports from the country.

One of the milestones she made was when she confirmed that she had booked one of the biggest live festivals in the US, which was none other than Coachella. As reported at the time:

As the New Year kicks into full throttle, the United States has kicked off its award season and the countdown to its most popular music festival, Coachella. A festival that arguably received international attention following the first-ever female American headliner, Beyonce, performing back in 2018.

When the festival announced its lineup for 2023, the official poster confirmed that there were two South African acts included in their lineup. The first was none other than Uncle Waffles who took to her social media to confirm the news.

Therefore, as the first weekend of the festival has kicked off, it seems that Uncle Waffles is getting her flowers for her set.

Praises pour in for Uncle Waffles following her Coachella set

Uncle Waffles has already proved that she has interventional appeal with the likes of rapper Drake, and singer-songwriter Kehlani all singing her praises. But it seems that through her recent Coachella set, she is set to earn an even bigger fanbase in the US.

This is as since her first-weekend performance, she has been trending for the stellar set she did during Coachella. So much so that even Coachella gave Uncle Waffles her flowers following her set.

Seems like the success of Uncle Waffles’ Coachella set will only continue to propel the success of her sophomore EP Asylum. According to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, the album has been performing well.

When the album was released Uncle Waffles had spoken about the inspiration behind the EP, as it was reported at the time:

Ahead of the official release of her sophomore EP, Uncle Waffles had already started to create anticipation by playing the then-unofficial lead single of the album Yahyuppiyah, which features Pcee, Eeque and Chley. The single is already a runaway hit on the streets but was officially released along with the EP.

Following the official release of the single and EP, Uncle Waffles has taken to her social media to explain the inspiration behind this EP by sharing that:

“Asylum- this project is a representation of how I felt in my mind trying to grasp an industry I was blessed to be thrown in, an artistic portrayal of emotions and feelings, of growth, highs and lows and all the in-betweens. It’s been a journey creating something I love.”

Moreover, she then expressed that the release of the EP is only the first part of the promotional rollout which suggests that there are more parts to the EP to be released later this year.

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