Popular Prophet Delivers Strong Warning To Connie Ferguson – VIDEO

Popular Prophet Delivers Strong Warning To Connie Ferguson – VIDEO

Popular Prophet Delivers Strong Warning To Connie Ferguson – VIDEO

Seasoned actress and business mogul Connie Ferguson, has had to endure quite a lot over the past year, more so after she lost her partner and the father to her children, Shona Ferguson. Six months down the line and his loss is still felt greatly both by the family and the country at large.

It is for this reason that tweeps are now angered by what seems to be a prophetic warning from a man of God who claims that Connie has not been heeding to his previous warnings. Yes you read that right.

Taking to his Twitter, one Prophet Aaron Xhali, posted a video of him delivering quite the strong warning to Connie. In his video, the Prophet is heard mentioning Connie’s name saying that he predicts that Connie has a developing cancer already in her body. Watch the video down below

Not only that, he also goes ahead to say that his first warning was not taken seriously leaving many to wonder what exactly could he be talking about? If you can remember, it was during Shona’s passing that a Twitter user came forward claiming that he had foreseen his death and had even warned Connie about it.

Could this be the same thing this Prophet is insinuating? Well, while that is not yet clear, there is no denying that this “warning” is not sitting all too well with Connie’s fans who have gone ahead to shut him down saying that if it was indeed a prophecy from God as he claims, he should have delivered it to Connie privately, and not make it public.

Others simply do not believe that the Prophet is being honest and instead think that he is doing it as a clout chasing stunt. This is especially because, as seen in the clip, the message was delivered some time last year. So why would he come back and re-share it on his timeline again?

Tweeps are simply demanding that Connie be left alone because she has already been through enough. It is sad that being famous has meant that people would always want to make prophecies about her even when they may not necessarily be true.

This is clearly one confusing situation and while Connie has not responded yet, it is good to see that her fans are speaking up for her and praying that nothing bad will happen to either her or her beautiful family.

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