Popular DJ fired via SMS

Popular DJ fired via SMS

Popular DJ fired via SMS

Nkandla FM DJ Mfundo ‘Mabetween’ Madlala has accused the station of unfairly suspending him.

Mfundo, who presented the midday show from Monday to Friday, said programmes manager Mfulongashi Mpungose suspended him after he was sabotaged by colleagues.

Mfundo told a local publication he was hired to MC a wedding in December and took leave from 28 to 29 December.

“Mfulongashi allowed me to go to the wedding and told me to ask colleagues to stand in for me on my shows.

“Two colleagues agreed, so I was surprised when I received an SMS that I was suspended. I heard those two presenters didn’t pitch.”

Mfundo, who had been with the KZN radio station for two years, said he suspected that the two DJs and Mfulongashi were trying to get him

Why was I suspended without getting an opportunity to explain myself?

“Why were these other two DJs not suspended as they agreed to stand in for me?

“Why was I not given a warning and why was a meeting not organised with me and the other two DJs to get the truth,” he asked.

Mfundo said he was suspended on 28 December and whenever he tried to phone Mfulongashi, he was blown off.

“Now it looks like I have been fired but they don’t want to tell me. What hurts me is that it all happened unfairly,” he said.

“I have spent 15 years at different radio stations and I have not been suspended or made a mistake. I’m willing to go back to Nkandla FM but justice must prevail.”

Mfulongashi said he was not allowed to talk to the media and referred the SunTeam to station manager Mgcobeni Khanyile, who said they could only confirm that Mfundo was suspended.

“He is suspended and not fired. I will call him for a meeting to discuss all the issues with him. I can’t reveal internal issues to the media,” he said.

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