Polygamist Musa Mseleku’s son planning to marry his 2 girlfriends

Polygamist Musa Mseleku’s son planning to marry his 2 girlfriends

Polygamist Musa Mseleku’s son planning to marry his 2 girlfriends

Another big wedding for the Mselekus is on the cards.

Preparations are already underway as Musa Mseleku’s son, Mpumelelo (20), is planning to marry his two girlfriends, Vuyokazi Nciweni and Nompumelelo Makhanya.

The baby mama, Vuyokazi, lives in Cape Town and the other girlfriend, Nompumelelo, lives in Durban.

“I’ve been dating these two ladies for the past two years and now I am preparing to marry them. I’ve met their families and I’ve also introduced them to the Mselekus. They are effectively my fiancees. This December I am planning to spend time with both of them. It’s going to be the first time they meet each other, otherwise, they talk on the phone and on WhatsApp. We actually have a group chat where all three of us talk,” said Mpumelelo.

He also revealed that he is saving as much as he can so he can marry them

“Unfortunately I cannot reveal the date, month or any further details but the weddings will happen soon. I haven’t paid lobola but I’ve already discussed it with my father. Our agreement is that he will pay a certain portion towards lobola and I’ll pay a certain portion.

“For now I don’t have enough money except my inheritance which I’ll use towards lobola. Again, I cannot disclose the finer details of ilobola because these are sacred discussions between my father and myself. My mother, MaYeni, is not aware of these discussions,” said Mpumelelo.

In the last episode of Uthando Ne’Sthembu MaYeni was not happy that Mpumelelo was intending to take a wife. She complained that he was too young to assume husband responsibilities.

During the show, Musa hinted that Mpumelelo was ready to get married especially because he had a child already.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said: “I’ve already given Mpumelelo my blessings to go and get married. I’m actually happy that he is getting married while he’s still young. This will allow him to make more babies, raise them and grow with them.

“I wouldn’t want him to get old and start doing things because he might fail. As we speak the lobola talks are at an advanced stage and as a father I am paying part of them.”

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