Picture: Bob Mabena’s final resting place

Picture: Bob Mabena’s final resting place

Picture: Bob Mabena’s final resting place

Bob Mabena was laid to rest on Saturday. His family, friends, and colleagues gathered to bid him a farewell. His funeral service was held at Pretoria West Crematorium, where his body was to be cremated after the funeral service.

The cremation process was to take part, but only intimate family members were to stay behind during the process as other family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and the media asked ordered to go back to the family house.

According to Power FM chairman Given Mkhari, Mabena wanted to be cremated.

Speaking at his funeral service, his uncle Patrick Mabena, said Bob loved music.

“From the beginning we had a problem that when he was supposed to study, he would go to clubs.

“Little did we know that he saw his way. That’s when he went to Radio Bob and became famous,” he said.

He said they always guided him.

“That is why he became famous and was able to have a family.

“He listened to us, grew up and had his own family.

“We thank him for that because he put the family on the map and that made him take care of us.

Picture: Bob Mabena’s final resting place
“He would gather us in December and make sure that we have fun and be merry,” he said.

His childhood friend, George Manyosi, said him and Bob learned English on TV and radio.

“The beauty about Mabena was his charisma and his hunger to learn.

“All the way from here he would take criticism and the last thing was his kindness,” he said.

Bob’s wife Eucharist Mabena made a tribute to him.

“The 10th of August is still a vivid nightmare, the day I watched my Superman put down his cape, the day I never thought I would experience in my life.

“The day I drove back home knowing that I would never see you again.

“I miss the way you used to hold me close every night and keep my feet warm. I will miss the soft kisses you left on my face every morning without fail,” she said.

She said that her husband was a giver.

“He was a great teacher, very patient, and consistent.

“The person he was to the world was the same person even better at home,” she said.

-Daily Sun

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