South African television and media personality, Bonang Matheba recently turned 34-years-old and has been celebrating in style. Mo’ghel is celebrating her big day in Central Park and the views are stunning. And can we just talk about how stunning her dress looks? Lebonza shared images from her birthday dinner and the décor was out of this world she celebrated her birthday with her friend in the states.

She partied the night away with her friends in the United States who gifted her with some expensive stuff including designer bags. Popular American radio show, the breakfast club also wished Bonang a happy birthday on social media. Taking to IG life with Amapiano playing in the background. Bonang thanked everyone for their wishes and support throughout the years.

“Image these Americans don’t know this music.” Said Bonang. “What kind of people are these people? Okay, guys, I need to go. Thank you for everything. I love you. I love everyone that is on this live right now. Ke bo 1 so. Nagana ka one le tsogile and le shebile ngwanyana wa ko Mafikeng. Thank you. I love you. I hope I will make you proud. And I hope I’ve made you proud. And I will try my best to continue to make you proud. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for all the wonderful messages you’ve sent me.”

Bonang also answered some of the questions people have been asking her over the last three years or some about her relationship status and when she plans on having children.

“I’m 34 years of age today – which is quite stressful.” She continued. “And yes, I do have a man and I plan on giving him children, so relax. I’m seeing him next week actually. That’s why I needed all of this because he is taking me to holiday. But yah, it’s going to be a re-uniting of him and I. But yah, I’m very very happy. I’m blessed and fortunate that’s able to have this opportunity to live here.”

It appears her visit to the states was not just a brief one, but rather a permanent one. Seeing that Miss Matheba is also getting ready to go on vacation – we will be getting the content that we have signed up for. We can’t wait and we’re so excited about this.

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