Photos of Makhadzi’s mom go viral

Photos of Makhadzi’s mom go viral

Photos of Makhadzi’s mom go viral

Mzansi star Makhadzi is now a household name and previously, not much was shared about her family especially her parents. Growing up in Limpopo, Makhadzi came from a poor background and has often appeared on the timeline talking about her upbringing. Over the past few days, she shared images of her mom which the world was not ready to see as Makhadzi’s mom is like a twin to her daughter. The resemblance in uncanny.

Taking to Twitter she shared news of her new endorsement deal with Kicks Sportswear for a sneaker range aptly called Kokovha. She also shared how her mother was next to her during the groundbreaking foot ware deal.

Many people started commenting on Makhadzi’s mom looks and how youthful she looks.

Earlier this year, Makhadzi bought a house for her mother to honor her for all the sacrifices she made for the family.

Taking to Twitter with an inspirational post, the star can be seen in a snap sitting on top of counters in her new home and overjoyed by her latest achievement.

Makhadzi shared her joy about officially being a homeowner at age 25.

“The first time I entered my house I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of myself,” she wrote.

The Kokovha hitmaker revealed her home was the fourth.

“I built my grandmother a house. Just because my mom and father separated I decided not to choose but to build them two different houses. Now I bought my own house!” said Makhadzi.

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