Photos: Meet Makhadzi’s ‘sister’

Photos: Meet Makhadzi’s ‘sister’

Photos: Meet Makhadzi’s ‘sister’

South African multi-award-winning musician and dance queen Makhadzi has wowed Mzansi after pictures of her little sister who looks just like her flooded the internet.

Makhadzi real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona is one celeb in Mzansi who has managed to keep her personal life private over the years and pictures of her little sister have come as a surprise as no one had any idea.

According to reports reaching the publication, Makhadzi’s little sister has been identified as Murendeni Ralebona. However little is known about her.

Photos: Meet Makhadzi’s ‘sister’

The duo’s mother also has a striking resemblance of the two. Last year, Makhadzi sent social media into frenzy when pictures of her mother went viral.

When she bagged a new endorsement deal with Kicks Sportswear for a sneaker range aptly called kokovha, Makhadzi brought her mother along with her. She shared how her mother was next to her during the ground breaking footwear deal.

Many people could not help but notice the uncanny resemblance between her and her mother. Some social media users started commenting on the mom’s looks and how youthful she looks.

She had a humble beginning growing up in a disadvantaged family with unemployed parents. Seeing her circumstances, Makhadzi was determined to succeed and be a good example for her siblings being the firstborn among the kids. She is the most famous of the siblings.

Right now Makhadzi is one of the most respected musicians in South Africa and Africa as a whole. She has surpassed expectations within the little time she spent in the industry and at such a young age she has managed to achieve a lot for herself and her family.

Last year, she bought her mother, father, grandmother their own houses at the age of 25.

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