Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

Generations The Legacy soapie opera is themed on family bonds, business, greed, and power, here is a glimpse of the Generations cast’s real-life families ( partners and children in real life)

Vuyo Dabula who plays Khumkani Phakade aka Gadaffi on Generations the Legacy has a completely different lifestyle off-screen. While on-screen he plays a ruthless gangster and a womaniser, but in real life, he is a passionate family man. Gadaffi is happily married and father to a 5-year-old son called Kitso who he adores more than anything in the world. He describes his family saying,
“They are the reason why l do this, I work hard so that my son and his mommy live good lives.”

Lucy Diale – Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka plays Lucy Diale on Generations the Legacy. While on-screen, she is married to Mrekza who is younger than her, and in real life, she had a long-term relationship with a man 9 years younger than her. Her role in Generations The Legacy is a gangster, businesswoman, and a shebeen queen, she struggles to conceive children due to her old age. Apparently Lucy failed to adopt Mbali from a children’s home due to her previous criminal record.

In real life, she is a mother to two beautiful daughters and has a shaky on and off relationship with her baby daddy. Manaka is currently pregnant and expecting in real life a development that excited her on-screen fans.

Mrekza – Kope Makgae

Kope Makgae plays Mrekza on Generations the Legacy. His role is a fun-loving and jovial character who enjoys being a family man, he is married to Lucy Diale who failed conceive. In real life, he is a happily married man and father to 3-year-old twins, a boy, and a girl. Unlike on Generations The Legacy, Kope Makgae is an actual comedian, businessman, and rapper.

Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

In real life Mreza is married to wife Mpotseng and the couple is blessed with twins Zoey Koepelletswe “Toto” Makgae and Kopello Zoyl Makgae.

He describes his life as being made meaningful by his twins to the point that he proposed to their mother the day they were born.

Mazwi Moroka – Musa Ngema

Musa Ngema plays Mazwi Moroka on Generations The Legacy, on-screen, he is an arrogant businessman who comes from a very powerful Moroka family. His role also entails being a family man despite being medically sterile, and his on-screen wife, Sphe Moroka has a child Rorisang with Mazwi’s young brother Smanga Moroka. In real life, he is happily married to his wife who he has been with for 15 years. He is still to father a child and is waiting for the right moment.

Sphe Moroka – Pearl Monama

Pearl Monama plays Sphe Moroka on Generations The Legacy, her on-screen character is married to Mazwi Moroka the couple got married in through and arranged marriage. The arranged marriage was set up to strengthen the relationship between the Moroka and Cele families. Sphe plays a very successful and caring doctor who sometimes struggles to cope under life pressure. In real life, she is not planning on getting married and enjoys the single life.

Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

Jack Mabaso – Vusi Kunene

Vusi Kunene plays Jack Mabaso, a powerful and ruthless gangster in a suit. Jack Mabaso believes that he is cursed and always have a hand in ending his children’s lives. He mistakenly shot Fana his eldest son and recently with his obsession killed his son, newly born Kiphense who died in Botswana while his mother Tshidi was running away from Jack. Onset he is the most feared man and highest-paid actor on Generations the Legacy. In real life, he is a gentle guy, a family man who enjoys spending time with his 2 kids and always makes time for his fans.

Tau Mogale – Rapulana Seiphemo

Photos: Generations The Legacy Actors with their real-life partners and kids

Rapulana Seiphemo plays Tau Mogale. On-screen, he plays a powerful businessman and dated co-star Zitha Langa played by his girlfriend Zoe Mthiyane. Prior to his recent exit from Generation The Legacy to join The Queen cast, Tau Mogale was dating Ayanda Majola his onset baby mama. In real life, Rapulana was married to Zoe Mthiyane, and have been together since 2018. Their relationship recently turned sour and they got a divorce. The divorce took its toll on Zoe Mthiyane who ended up drinking at work and got fired from Generations the Legacy. Rapulana has 3 children from his previous marriages while Zoe has two children, Awande and Lulonke.

Tshidi Phakade – Letoya Makhene

Letoya Makhene plays Tshidi on Generations The Legacy, on set, she is a cunning, manipulative woman who always gets her way and is married to Kabisi Moroka. Onset Tshidi doesn’t have biological kids of her own but adopted Mpho a role played by Junior Singo. In real life, she is a musician with vocals that can only be compared to Brenda Fassie. She divorced ex-husband and Zimbabwean Privilege Mangezi and bore 4 children.

She is currently in a fulfilling relationship with a lesbian lover, Lebo Keswa. Letoya is also a sangoma and is proud of her roots.

Mpho – Junior Singo

Junior Singo plays Mpho on Generations The Legacy, on-screen he plays a teenager who tries hustling different things but to no avail. In real life, he is a 31-year-old father to a 6-year-old daughter who he is very proud of.

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