Phori Saves Reason’s Life

Phori Saves Reason’s Life

Phori Saves Reason’s Life

Rapper and Ubettina Wethu star Sizwe Moeketsi popularly known as Reason said DJ Maphorisa has rescued him off the pain he has been carrying for the past 3 years.

The actor was celebrating his 34th birthday yesterday, he took his special day to reflect and open up about his past.

Reason said he has not been himself for the past few years, he said having conversations with DJ Maphorisa recently took him out of a 3-year long depression.

He said he has not enjoyed making music in the past 2 years, saying he only enjoyed making music for other people because he could relate more to their stories better than his own story.

Reason said this is because of the pain in loss, he said the spirit takes a serious knock from life changes and things not going as planned.

“I’ve been making music for the last 24hrs. Must have made about 6 to 7 songs I think. Something I haven’t done since I made #Azania…To tell you the truth, Turning 34 found me making music and having a long conversation with @dj_maphorisa_ that probably got me out of a 3-year long depression I didn’t realize I was under.

“Mainly because there’s a lot of hidden pain in loss. Loss of family, money, success, business, love, status, and even self. The spirit becomes vulnerable to the hard-hitting changes of life not going your way,” he wrote.

He said he had to be in the same room with someone who had to face death to appreciate life and remember what matters. Reason said he cannot promise people that speaking to Maphorisa will take them out of depression but he wants everyone to know that today marks the birth of new Sizwe.

“So let it be known. Today… I finally laid my past to rest. I have let go of the things I was holding onto that I thought would matter to me forever. And I’m giving birth to a new soul that I’ve been ignoring for 3 years. Hears to 34! ❤️ And nice to meet you again #Sizwe 🙏🏾”

Reason concluded his lengthy post with the importance of self love. He said when you start loving yourself, things start changing for the better. He added that you have to know yourself to appreciate yourself.

“See, when you love yourself, you find better ways of letting go of your past celebrating your new. You end up doing what feels right to you, rather than what people think is right for you. And that can only be achieved from loving yourself. Loving your changes. Your growth. Your wins and your losses. You have to know yourself in order to appreciate these things about yourself,” he wrote.

Other celebrities took to the comments section to wish him a happy birthday.
Nomzamo Mbatha wrote: “The truth is a liberating thing. Happy return around the solar. ☀️”
Berita: “Amazing fellow Cancerian happy birthday bro”

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