Phil Mphela dragged to court over theft

Phil Mphela dragged to court over theft

Phil Mphela dragged to court over theft

Entertainment reporter Phil Mphela is accused of theft. A Twitter user @_KealebogaMo is accusing Phil of stealing his idea after Phil tweeted that he wants to help someone who wants to do Gospel Reports. Kealeboga said Gospel Reports was his idea. He said he went to Phil’s house and discussed the idea with him.

“Phil is this what you do to me, Bro? Is this how you really workman? I came to your house last year when I offered to do #SPOTTED For you – FOR FEEE and discussed my Vision with @GospelnewsSA you told me how you can assist me to Grow the Concept? AND YOU DO THIS? REALLY? WOW,

“You had NO INTENTIONS whatsoever of tapping in this market! In fact, you were clueless that there’s something like this and you told me that “You guys are sitting on Gold” Now you are twisting it and calling it #GospelReports or #TheGospelAlert. I’m truly disappointed in you! tweeted Kealeboga.

Phil denied stealing from Kealeboga, he said they were meant to work together but Kealeboga did not show interest. He further explained that he was willing to help Kealeboga, he said he even gave him ideas on how to build his brand.

“1. You came to my house. We met and were planning to work together. You didn’t seem interested in following through. 2. I GAVE YOU IDEAS and a plan to tap into the GOSPEL. NEWS space … you did NOTHING3. Gospel news coverage is not YOUR THING! That’s insane. 4. How dare you make it seem like I am stealing something from you when I am the one who was trying to help you and offered you a plan & content ideas which you did nothing with. Ask yourself why I continued with SPOTTED without YOUR help. I guess my instincts were right.

“I even gave him ideas on how to build his name and the brand. I was ready and willing to help him. He went awol. I moved on. Lots of people report gospel news. He has no divine monopoly on the genre. Simple,” responded Phil.

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