Pearl Thusi Reveals Parents Had HIV/AIDS

Pearl Thusi Reveals Parents Had HIV/AIDS

Pearl Thusi Reveals Parents Had HIV/AIDS

Pearl Thusi in the past couple of years has gone through a social media cleanse and image shift. From the problematic and sometimes passive aggressive tweets which resulted in her being trolled for filth. To addressing her alleged love for West African men, which sometimes still follows her into the comments section.

Now she is barely on the blue app as she has stated that she now lets her team handle her posts there. Thusi has changed the manner in which she interacts with the media and social media for the better. A decision she has stated was influenced by her going into therapy.

As such, the former Queen Sono lead has been able to share intimate details about her life that we were never privy too. Like during her most recent interview with rapper turned podcaster L-Tido.

While Thusi did share headlining details like the state of her friendship or “sisterhood” with DJ ZInhle, allegations of dating AKA and Da L.E.S, dating Anatii:

along with her gripe with Nota. There was a never before detail she shared about her parents that she shared.

Pearl Thusi reveals parents had HIV/AIDS

Pearl Thusi has always been open about losing her mother at 15 years old, and how that changed the trajectory of her life. However, in terms of her father, Thusi was never really open about the type of relationship she had with her father.

However, back in 2020, when her father passed. Thusi did take a sabbatical from social media to process the passing of what was her last living parent. As she has come to terms with his passing, Thusi revealed a detail about her father that she shared she has only been open about as her father is late and wanted to bring awareness on HIV/AIDS and stigma which precedes it.

As such, Thusi revealed that her parents had contracted HIV/AIDS when sharing with L-TIdo that:

“It wasn’t until much later that I found out that my mom had contracted, uhm… igh… Something from my father.”

While Thusi could not initially say the actual term, following some probing from L-Tido, she was more forthcoming in the hopes to bring awareness to the still very prevalent matter of the high and continually rising numbers of South Africans living with HIV/AIDS.

While Thusi shared this information for the first time, what she did not share was whether her father’s passing was due to the fact that he had lived with HIV/AIDS as long as he had. But she did seem to confirm that her mother died from gallstones which were exacerbated by the fact that she had the terminal illness.

As such, the information and story was pertinent considering that December is considered to be HIV/AIDS awareness month as the first day of the month is dedicated to World AIDS day. As such, the bravery it took Thusi to reveal such details about her personal life is commendable considering that possibility of trolls using that against in the future.

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