actress Pearl Thusi pours her heart out

actress Pearl Thusi pours her heart out

actress Pearl Thusi pours her heart out

TV presenter and actress Pearl Thusi recently shared a lengthy Twitter threat sharing with her followers other good things that can come out of lockdown. However, Pearl also acknowledged the fact that her message may not come across to others as intended.

She said she had to delete her previous tweet because it was misinterpreted. She added that people always choose to see the worst in her.

She tweeted: “With how people always choose to see the worst in me – it’s a miracle I’ve survived all the emotional turbulence I’ve experienced outside of it as well. I’ve deleted the tweet because I’m really in a good place and I don’t mean to upset people …”

Speaking about cancel culture, Pearl said she does not care anymore whether Tweeps fight her for her opinions on Twitter or not. She said she won’t be moved by all that negativity on the app.

“I’ve also experienced loss and pain during this pandemic. Do I share all of it? No. Does it mean I don’t relate? No. I didn’t come here for a fight or to be called names. I won’t be baited anymore. Cancel me. Make me fall. It’s all the same to me. Only God and Myself, my family and friends, and those who support me are responsible for my success and joy. The rest is noise. I pray nothing but abundance and happiness for you all.

“…but because focusing on the negative is a priority on this app…For those offended, or think I’m careless… what I mean is, for those who can, I hope they do find peace, enjoy spending time at home, working, spending time with family, meditating, and find the good in what lockdown can also offer”

She said lockdown has allowed her to spend more time with her children and also do other things that she never got enough time to do. She encouraged people to also help the less fortunate.

“Many people have found new opportunities and awakenings even in isolation. I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with my kids- how well I’ve gotten to know them and vice versa. How much my cooking has improved. The tv shows I’ve watched…

“Time I’ve had to myself. How I’ve grown while being ‘grounded’ essentially. And I’m asking those who have this privilege to remember and help others where they can. Does that mean I’m neglecting to think of those who’ll suffer- no.”

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