Pearl Thusi: Men are pets

Pearl Thusi: Men are pets

Pearl Thusi: Men are pets

Actress and businesswoman Pearl Thusi had quite a bit to share with her fans and followers in a recent Instagram Live.

In the IG Live, Thusi said she was not feeling well due to menstruation cramps and wanted to chat to her fans in hopes of feeling better.

Pearl Thusi: Men are pets
Thusi admitted that she felt slightly irritable as she shared her thoughts on the “men are trash” debacle saying that not all men are trash and that there are some really good men out there.

She also said that men are like “pets” and that women need to “encourage their good behaviour”.

Thusi also admitted that she is dating someone but refused to mention more about him when her fans asked stating that she has learnt her lesson from past experiences.
Pearl Thusi: Men are pets
Asked by a fan what is her biggest motivation in life, she responded: “My children and my legacy. I want to leave a dop a** legacy,” said Thusi.

Asked how she remains consistent and grounded, she responded: “How I treat people.
“I pay a lot of attention to how I treat people and I try to always be accountable to my behaviour.

“As soon as you start treating people some other way, have the self awareness to understand that something in you is changing, and what is bringing this change about”, said Thusi.

She continued to say that a lot of people don’t know how to deal with power and fame and when they change they think the rest of the world isn’t accepting how they are growing.

Thusi also said because people harassed her for putting out a song with Oskido she wants to start doing music.

“I just enjoy showing people that they don’t have a right to chose for me what I should and should not be doing.

“It’s just a passion of mine, to f**k with people who don’t allow me to explore and express and spread my wings,” she said.

She ended her Live by welcoming in Dezemba.

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