Pearl Modiadie dragged for being a show off

Pearl Modiadie dragged for being a show off

Pearl Modiadie dragged for being a show off

Pearl Modiadie has clapped back at online commenters who accused her of being a show off after she posted about a milestone she recently reached. The radio host turned 33 this week and posted about how she was proud to share that she had managed to pay off the house she purchased for her father. Many commenters replied to Pearl with messages of congratulations but there were also critics who posted that she was bragging about her achievement.

Pearl Modiadie clapped back claims of being a show off and said she will always celebrate her wins. Images: @pearlmodiadie Source: Instagram Pearl responded to the criticisms by writing that she works hard for what she has and that she will continue celebrating her wins. She wrote on her Twitter account.

“Ngisebenza kanzima and I will always celebrate my wins!! Whether privately or publicly!” Pearl’s clapback sparked off a larger debate about what constitutes bragging on social media since its very nature is about sharing information with others. Some tweeps responded to Pearl and applauded her for defending her actions, whilst others entered into discussions amongst themselves. Check out some of the tweets below:

@Sensuous_Jey: “Yeeees gaal… It’s your success don’t let people with jealousy still your moment away from you!”

@cystaeich: “People are angry with themselves don’t mind them…Mina such things motivate me to strive and get hunger more for achievements.. I’m happy for you

@PearlModiadie.. your father he’s definitely proud of you” @pasemabote:

“@PearlModiadie I support you on that, you should not be ashamed of your success.. Sebenza Girl”

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