Patrick Shai’s children speak out

Patrick Shai’s children speak out

Patrick Shai’s children speak out

The late Patrick Shai’s children have vowed to continue with his legacy. Tshepiso, Sechaba and Kopano Shai paid a moving tribute to their father and said their father was a hero, fashionista, and a great dresser.

Shai’s son Sechaba said: “My father was a great man despite his flaws. He will always be a great man to me. There was a time when I thought I have lost him completely. He then changed his ways, his attitude, and behaviour. Your name and legacy will live on. He has run his race and done so magnificently.”

Tshepiso Shai said her father always brought life in any situation.

The actor’s children all wore All-Star takkies at his memorial because he loved them.

“He would wear a suit and takkies. He always wanted us to be united. I never thought in a million years that I will stand like this, talking about him.”

Kopano Shai said his dad loved deeply and added that he would kiss him in front of people.

“He loved jokes and he could turn any situation into a fun one. Ineli majaivana and fashinionista ya rona (he was our dancer and fanishionista). I promise I will commit myself to Khuluma Ndoda (an organisation the actor started to fight gender-based violence).”

Patrick Shai’s wife Masechaba said she’s still hoping for him to walk through the door.

“I never thought I will be saying this message. I can’t say goodbye Ntwana. We have had our laughter and challenges. But to actually wake up with the realization that you are no more is disheartening.”

Mrs Shai said she and her late husband wanted the best for their children, and they wanted them to be better than them.

“We wanted them not to copy bad habits. My heart is sore and painful. But the children and I will always remember your laughter. It is going to be a very tough journey. We loved, we cried, fought, disagreed, and also agreed on some other things. The pizza days will never be the same without you.”

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