Oh, Yanga Sobetwa’s giving us the most beautiful songs from her bathroom.

Oh, Yanga Sobetwa’s giving us the most beautiful songs from her bathroom.

In her bid to assist encourage South Africans to never lose hope during the Covid-19 pandemic, songstress Yanga Sobetwa sang a song of comfort that urges people to remain strong.

While South Africans attempt to keep positive, many have expressed on social media how being in isolation has dampened their spirits as they wait in anticipation to urge through the lockdown period.

Feeling that a flash of spiritual upliftment would do many of us good, Yanga shared a video where she sang words of encouragement including amazing high notes that left many in their feels.

Cava, I mean … this girl can sing! In May last year, Yanga hosted media at a personal screening of her music video for her hit single Promised Land, and explained why she was changing her musical focus.

“I initially wanted to try to to gospel but I sat down with my team and came up with something that was a replacement sound and this sound includes gospel in terms of writing. I ended up finding something with a gospel element in terms of writing but that was also commercial at an equivalent time,” she explained.

With the lockdown restricting artists to their homes, Yanga told TshisaLIVE she was using this point to teach young girls and boys about the importance of washing their hands during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yanga highlighted how important it had been for children to require the virus seriously.

“Covid-19 affects every living person within the world. It’s only human on behalf of me to require to spread awareness about the way to protect yourself from this disease and getting infected.

“For me, this campaign is vital because I even have a gaggle of sons and daughters who are following me, who are looking up to me. i would like to be a task model who shows young children the way to protect themselves from the virus.

“I believe every child has got to pursue their dreams and goals. If we cannot defeat this pandemic, and if an individual with a platform like me doesn’t encourage my audience to scrub their hands, then we’d have a generation not taking this pandemic seriously.”

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