Ntsiki Mzwai revisits Nelli Tembe’s mysterious death

Ntsiki Mzwai revisits Nelli Tembe’s mysterious death

Ntsiki Mzwai revisits Nelli Tembe’s mysterious death

Barely a year after trashing him from moving on swiftly from his late fiancee Nelli Tembe, Ntsiki Mzwai is firing shots at rapper AKA again -this time questioning an inconclusive investigation surrounding her death.

The controversial media personality took to her Twitter account to remind South Africans about Tembe’s tragic death in 2021, allegedly from a suicide attempt.

Nelli allegedly ended her life after falling off the balcony of a Cape Town hotel in April 2021. Without mentioning AKA’s name, Ntsiki Mazwai revisited Nelli Tembe’s death and the sequence of events that led up to it.

She tweeted of an image from a viral video of AKA breaking down a hotel room door: “It’s so deep how we moved on from these gruesome pics of the video that was deleted while with the police….like a missing docket.”
Ntsiki Mazwai previously voiced her thoughts on how she felt about the rapper moving on mere months after his fiance’s death.

She tweeted: “At the funeral, Neli’s siblings had to walk BEHIND the Forbes family. Barely six months had passed, and how quickly their little sister was replaced…After they couldn’t walk beside her coffin. This is so deeply disturbing for me”.

She continued: “I have siblings. I remember how I found that moment INCREDIBLY WRONG. Ego was placed over genuine love.”

Ntsiki then vowed to keep Nelli’s memory alive. She continued: “I remember Neli Tembe. I will not erase her.

And then the star ended her thoughts with a thought-provoking statement. She posted: “One day someone needs to explain why the family said Nelli didn’t commit suicide…

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