Ntsiki Mazwai: I’m So Traumitized

Ntsiki Mazwai: I’m So Traumitized

Ntsiki Mazwai: I’m So Traumitized

Ntsiki Mazwai has left her fans shocked after she made a startling revelation about her family. The outspoken poet recently took to social media where she shared her family tree.

Mazwai took to Twitter where she revealed that her great great grandfather was a white Scottish guy. The controversial Twaleb wrote

“It’s my great great grandfather actually…..he is one of the Scottish guys who married a Xhosa woman their daughter Catherine was mixed and gave birth to my grandmother in Mqanduli. My moms mom”

Mazwai had first tweeted that her aunt had told her that her great great grandmother was white but later on corrected her statement and revealed that it was actually her great great grandfather that was white.

In a series of subsequent tweets Mazwai jokingly said

“So THAT’S why I’m good at swimming”
In another subsequent tweet she also revealed that she felt traumitised about the whole situation, clearly Mazwai who is often speaks out on issues such as white priviledge did not expect to have a white ancestor. The poet wrote

“I’m so traumatized”

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