Nota regrets saving his wife, Berita

Nota regrets saving his wife, Berita

Nota regrets saving his wife, Berita

Mzansi writer, Nota Baloyi called out his estranged wife, Berita for performing songs he wrote.

The two have gone their separate ways after being married for over a year; the singer claimed she was being abused in the marriage, but her husband says otherwise.

Taking to Twitter, Nota mocked those who invite her to perform at their wedding ceremonies.

He bragged about getting her masters for her, but he lamented that she’s using them against him which he regrets.
“The day I get lawyers to prevent my wife from performing songs I wrote she’ll stop thinking I’m playing… I’m quarter to right now. I didn’t get her those masters back so she could use them against me. She must count herself lucky, I’ve been so patient. I knew I’d regret saving her,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user dragged him for not being a loving husband like Dr Musa Mthombeni.

Baloyi responded with: “Dr Musa & I are actually cut from the same cloth the difference is our wives, his can appreciate a good man but my wife was abandoned by her parents hence her co-dependency & anxious attachment issues which made her feel like she needed to sabotage our relationship… A tragedy!”

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