Norma Mngoma launches her very own foundation

Norma Mngoma launches her very own foundation

Norma Mngoma launches her very own foundation

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for Norma Mngoma. The ex-wife to minister Malusi Gigaba’s personal life has come under much attention from the public following her messy divorce. The single parent has been picking up the pieces and rediscovering who she really is and what makes her come alive. This morning she announced that she’s launching her own foundation – Norma Mngoma Foundation.

“Today I’m introducing a seed that has evolved from the ground supported by the sun which is my Noma Mngoma foundation.

Norma Mngoma

The foundation will be focusing on the development of young South Africans and building tomorrow’s leaders. Not only I am passionate about the growth of a young girl and boy but as NMF we look into the future of rebuilding, mentoring, coaching our young people into becoming entrepreneurial-minded, evolving from young creative and innovative thinkers to game-changers.

It has partnered with other companies which share the same vision to develop entrepreneurs in Southern Africa.

“NMF in partnership with like-minded companies namely BCMA @bmcas_summit our goal is to groom young people to be business-minded, our aim to build more entrepreneurs in the Southern Continent. Norma Mngoma is really excited about the future of her organisation.

“I look forward to all of the exciting projects I intend to embark on with the foundation and to contribute in my own way to the development of communities, schools and to the growth of people it will work with.

Norma Mngoma launches her very own foundation
Three months ago, Norma shocked South Africans after she changed from her ex-husband, Malusi’s surname to her maiden name Mngoma. This confirmed what many publications had speculated. Following their divorce, it was announced by a few sources that their children had been badly affected by the divorce.

However, in recent weeks, she appears to be bouncing back from her separation from Melusi. She’s excited about the future and has a few projects in the pipeline.

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