Nonhle Thema – I’m done with chasing men

Nonhle Thema – I’m done with chasing men

Nonhle Thema – I’m done with chasing men

Media personality Nonhle Thema has a firm head on her shoulders and the saying “life begins at 40” might ring true for her after she recently hit the big 40.

On her Instagram she shared snaps of herself in gym wear and shared with her followers that she was celebrating her 40th.

“Today I’m 40 and no longer chasing, I’m OK as me. I’m N T forever. I’m just grateful I’m healthy and alive and beautiful. I’m happy finally I gym a lot. I’m heath-focused.”

In a separate post she shared a picture throwing back to the time she was in Los Angeles sitting with US singer and mega star Ceelo Greene.

Nonhle has lived a life of reflection and in true throwback style she did an interview in 2018 reflecting on her journey in showbiz.

In an interview with Afternoon Express Nonhle reflected on that time and admitted she allowed fame to get to her head.

“I was always trying to find my purpose. I was always seeking it. I thought the Nonhle I had become, the fame and everything, was the purpose but it wasn’t. I started getting in a space where I was self-indulging. It was all about me, and that isn’t anybody’s purpose. Our purpose, I have learnt, is to serve.”

In a series of Instagram posts she has been loving on herself and releasing to the universe only positive vibes.

“My humble manifestation to the universe is I desire the Nonhle Thema brand be as big as the Coca-Cola brand. Thank you universe and so it is.”

She said she doesn’t feel like a 40-year-old.

“When I was young in my 20s I used to think 40 year olds were old. Now I’m 40 and I’m like where is the old age ? I feel so young fresh and alive it can’t be 40. Never judge what you don’t know. Lesson learnt.”

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