Nomzamo Mbatha rises up to the #GirlUpChallenge

Nomzamo Mbatha rises up to the #GirlUpChallenge

Nomzamo Mbatha rises up to the #GirlUpChallenge

Media personality Nomzamo Mbatha took to Instagram to share a cute picture of her young self in support of the #GirlUpChallenge.

The challenge that has been trending on Instagram, unites girls around the world and raises awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide.

The campaign led by Moncler started on Sunday, October 11 in celebration of “International Day of the Girl Child”.

Being a champion of gender equality and a Goodwill ambassador for UNHRC Mbatha rose to the challenge.

Along with the picture, she wrote: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 💥💥.

“LOL, I was a little cheerleader for RED HOUSE during Sports Day at school when this picture was taken.

“I look at this little girl and I remember how big she dreamed.

“How BOLD she was… Who would’ve thought that from a small little corner in South Africa, that little smile would be where it is now…

“If it were not for my teachers who saw the bright light before I realized it, if it were not for the books that kept me Dreaming and imagining… I don’t know how life would look like right now.

“Education gave me the power to dream.

“The audacity to dare even greater. Dear 10-year-old Zamo, I have kept my promise. You gave me the courage and I will never let go of it.

“On International Day of the Girl, I challenge you to get involved in the #GirlUpChallenge!

“Post a throwback photo of when you were a fearless kid ready to take on the world. Use the hashtag #GirlUpChallenge and pass it along to 10 loved ones.

“Let’s support girls’ education and unite girls around the world. @GirlUpCampaign @Moncler”.

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