Nomuzi Mabena Opens About Anxiety

Nomuzi Mabena Opens About Anxiety

Nomuzi Mabena Opens About Anxiety

The year started out very bad for a lot of people after rapper AKA was assassinated. If things could not get any worse, Costa Titch also lost his life. Nomuzi Mabena opened up about how their deaths, and the fact that a family member is critically sick has left her drenched in anxiety.

“I woke up feeling so anxious this morning,” Nomuzi said. She spoke on her IG stories and mentioned the kids. “Two months since Kiernan died. One month since Costa died and now I’ve got a cousin who is critically ill.

“This year has been an endless episode of “What the f*ck are we gonna tell the kids?!”

“Every time I start to wrap my head around one thing something else comes and knocks if off my shoulders. Every month is a life-altering situation closely preceded or followed by a heart-shattering loss. It’s relentless. This morning’s devotion came right on time,” wrote the rapper.

Nomuzi hosted AKA’s memorial service. Getting her flowers, Nadia Nakai gushed over her on Twitter.

“Let me tell you about Nomuzi Mabena, she has been holding down people, families and legacies, even when her heart is breaking … what a golden human being! I wish I knew her and her heart a long time ago … she’s done so much with no praise, showed up and showed out,” she tweeted.

Nadia has been dealing with the loss of AKA the hardest. She made people shed a tear when she said in one of her posts that she wishes she never met AKA.

“Sometimes I wish I never experienced your love. I wish you were just an acquaintance and I could say, ‘Oh Supa Mega passed away, what a loss for the game’. If I didn’t love you, maybe it would be easier to continue my life without you. Now, because I had been loved by you, it’s just so hard. I have this hole in my heart that won’t let up. The world doesn’t feel the same. I try to hold onto to my memories of when I was happy before you, maybe if I remember how it was before, I could be like that again.

“But everything doesn’t feel real. I don’t know if seeing you every day on social media is better or worse, I don’t know if reading our messages is healing or not. I know I need to get out [of] my house soon, and I know the people that continue to hold me down will be there for me, thank you. But I feel like I’ll never be ready. What is my life going to look like now? Time heals all, but time really takes its time and I don’t know when I’ll be fine.”

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