As of late detained previous president Jacob Zuma would be dealt with like each and every detainee by wearing orange overalls, utilizing the public telephones accessible at the office and eating the food served to all detainees.

He will likewise be qualified for parole after around four months.

Pastor of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola informed the media on Thursday outside the Estcourt Correctional Facility, where the previous legislator was imprisoned in the early hours of the morning.

Lamola said Zuma was “in excellent spirits” and had recently completed his morning meal and taken his drug before the media preparation.

He said that this was not a snapshot of festivity or triumphalism but rather a snapshot of restriction and to be human.

“In accordance with our command as restorative administrations to treat all prisoners as far as the Nelson Mandela rules, which are all inclusive principles for the treatment of detainees. Rule 1 is sympathy. All prisoners will be treated with the regard because of their innate respect and worth as individuals,” Lamola said.

He explained that it was not specified that Zuma ought to be imprisoned at the Durban Westville Prison and that the previous legislator didn’t get particular treatment by serving his time at the recently fabricated and cutting edge Estcourt Correctional Center.

“The public chief is enabled to choose where detainees would be kept.

“We additionally think about a wrongdoers hazard profile and needs. The Estcourt Correctional Facility is additionally near Nkandla and enjoys numerous different benefits,” Lamola said.

He said the specialists were following the Correctional Services Act rigorously.

The Estcourt Correctional Facility is a Medium B Facility that houses both youth and grown-up prisoners.

It was opened in 2019 with a supported bed limit of 512 prisoners. It’s anything but an emergency clinic area.

As a safeguard and in accordance with Covid-19 measures, Zuma will be set in segregation for 14 days.

He will then, at that point be evaluated by the office’s clinical group related to the South African wellbeing military help, and this will decide the states of his imprisonment.

“This evaluation is done to decide the significant dangers and requirements of the wrongdoer. A total profile report will then, at that point be submitted with suggestions to the Case Management Committee. This cycle will help to decide the fitting grouping of the previous president.

“These frameworks are set up to guarantee that imprisonment is done in a way which isn’t retributive, however sympathetic,” Lamola said.

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