Nhlanhla Lux claims his home was bombed #NationalShutdown

Nhlanhla Lux claims his home was bombed #NationalShutdown

Leader of the Soweto Parliament Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini revealed on Twitter that his Soweto home was attacked on Monday, 20 March during the national shutdown. The popular politician Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini added that at least two petrol bombs were thrown during the national shutdown at his Soweto home.

TshisaLive reports that Dlamini also claimed the EFF, which is spearheading the national shutdown, was behind the attack on his home.

He posted: “Just after 4 am I received calls from the entire neighbourhood saying there were bombs and gunshots going off. ‘We think it is at your house’. I received calls from people inside my house saying ‘We don’t know what to do. A bomb hit the roof and there was a second explosion in the yard”.

“You look at all my neighbours’ windows, they are all shattered so you can imagine the quality of the bombs.”


It is believed the house did not suffer any damage and police are on the scene.
But not everyone bought the leader of the Soweto Parliament Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini’s claims about his Soweto home getting bombed because of the national shutdown

@AdvoBarryRoux tweeted: “Don’t listen to this Lux boy. He is part of the problem. He is well-positioned and he doesn’t care about the interests of black people. He’s lying about his house being boobed. Imagine lying about your entire family being killed while they are alive. Nhlanhla Lux is sick.”

A tweep @callmesello2 came to his defence and said:” I just saw his neighbors house on the news right now, all the windows were broken.”

@callmesello2 added that only the windows are broken and it’s nothing hectic.

@Hlarediahloga: “Most Sowetans hate him. He was part of chasing black foreigners who were renting back rooms in Soweto. People were trying to make business by renting out their rooms to make extra cash. Now people are hungry because of people like sesepe sa Lux.”

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