New suspicious details emerge on Natasha Thahane’s pregnancy

New suspicious details emerge on Natasha Thahane’s pregnancy

New suspicious details emerge on Natasha Thahane’s pregnancy

Mzansi actress Natasha Thahane recently hit us with the biggest plot twist when she announced her pregnancy. But some social media users are not convinced it’s real, and one has gone to some lengths to discredit the news.

A Twitter user going by @RealMrumaDrive (Rumani) recently took to the platform to say that he had photoshopped Natasha’s pregnancy. He asked followers how they could have truly believed the picture to be real in the first place.

He further went on to pose a question: how could she already be 7 months pregnant in two months?

It looks like the actress has been making some public appearances right up until two months ago, and she did not look pregnant in any of them, hence Rumani’s question.

Fans came up with their own theories about the pregnancy after Rumani posted his tweet. One suggested that Natasha may have paid him to make the picture so that she could top trends once again, but for a good reason this time.

Rumani first gained Twitter notoriety because of his photo editing prowess. He has made many interesting edits of different celebrities, as well as a few non-celebrities who request his services, either for pay or for some sentimental reasons.

But surely, that would be a pretty terrible thing to do, wouldn’t it? To fake a pregnancy? Additionally, Natasha would have no reason to be fake about this, especially when she knows that social media users are ever ready to drag her since the R1 Million saga.

Speaking of being dragged, infamous hater and YouTuber Slik Talk has now officially returned after his hiatus following the boxing match where Cassper Nyovest rearranged his face.

He came for Natasha and her baby daddy, footballer Thembinkosi Lorch. He posed to Natasha a question on what she was thinking when she got pregnant for Lorch.

“You don’t make a baby with a guy like Lorch, he is an embarrassment. I’m an Orlando Pirates supporter. Do you know how much money I’ve lost because of this clown? You know how much embarrassment I’ve had to take because of this clown? He just embarrassed us on the weekend and you gonna be impregnated by a clown like Lorch,” he said.

He also joined other social media users in making a mockery of Natasha’s acting career. He basically suggested that she had ruined her life by having a baby in her 20s, because she would close so many roles to herself, including her current role where she plays a teenager on Netflix’s Blood and Water.

But this is proof that Slik Talk knows nothing, because having a baby does not mean a woman’s life ends. Pearl Thusi just had the biggest role of her career, and she has two kids – and that’s just one example. So if Natasha is going to take criticism from anyone, the last person on the list would be Slik Talk.

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