Nasty C’s girlfriend dishes out on the perks and downfalls of dating a rapper

Nasty C’s girlfriend dishes out on the perks and downfalls of dating a rapper

Dreadful C’s sweetheart Sammie Heavens has opened up about how it is being in an open relationship and dating a rapper.

Sammie and the Nasty C have been seeing someone some time now and initially, the rapper stayed quiet about the relationship. Their relationship has unquestionably been something fans have clearly communicated their assessments about from their duping outrages to pretty much whatever spins around me.

In her YouTube video, Sammie clarifies her own encounters of dating somebody in the spotlight and she unquestionably feels that an excessive amount of is thought about her relationship.

Sammie in her video likewise tended to how fans feel about her tuning in to other rapper’s music or going to their shows. As of late a video of Sammie vibed to A-Reece’s music while he was performing live and some Team A-Reece fans felt some sort of about this.

All things considered, Nasty C’s sweetheart couldn’t be disturbed as she most likely is aware “individuals simply have issues”.

“In any case, it’s fine. It’s alright, I will tune in to my rapper’s music and just my rapper’s music. Furthermore, it’s fine. I won’t tune in to different rappers or go to their shows. It’s fine, I won’t tune in to their music, or download their music. I won’t tail them on Instagram or like their tweets. I won’t see their names on Twitter since I will hinder their names. Since gracious my gosh, my telephone had this present individual’s name, God f***** restrict,” she says in the video.

Sammie additionally talked on the advantages that accompany dating the well known rapper, the movement (in SA, he deserts her on his worldwide excursions), the blessings, having melodies about you and being in rooms with some entirely notable individuals and being the most youthful in the room.

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